PDRG Meeting JRPUG 2022 – Speaker’s Presentation

Keynote Session:

  • Professor Yichang James Tsai, Georgia Institute of Technology
    – Next-Generation Pavement Condition Diagnosis and Maintenance Optimization using 3D Laser and AI Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges(PPT)
  • Mr. Masayuki Yabu, Public Works Research Institute
    – Toward Efficient Pavement Management based on Technical Inspection Standards in Japan(PPT)

Technical Session 1 – Surface Properties and Human/Vehicle Interaction:

  • Kenichiro Sasaki, Kitami Institute of Technology
    Evaluation of Walkability on Walking Surfaces Using Electromyography
    (Abstract, PPT)
  • Marei Inagi, Kitami Institute of Technology
    Human-centered Evaluation of Localized Surface Roughness in Terms of Biosignals
    (Abstract, PPT)
  • Dang Quoc Thuyet, Taisei Rotec Corporation
    Analysis of the effect of road surface conditions and rutting on vehicle dynamics using CARSIM
    (Abstract, PPT)

Technical Session 2 – AI and 3D Technologies for Pavement Diagnosis:

  • Shohei Nunohiro, Muroran Institute of Technology
    Estimation of Emergency Transportation Time using Ambulance Probe Data and Pavement Survey Data
    (Abstract, PPT)
  • Kazuya Tomiyama, Kitami Institute of Technology
    Application of Dual-tree Complex Wavelet to Three-dimensional Point Clouds of Pavement Surfaces
    (Abstract, PPT)
  • Junki Shinada, UEKI corporation
    Consideration for Applying Data Acquired for Other Purposes to Pavement Repair Work
    (Abstract, PPT)